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Crowfall Dev Diary Outlines Removal of Survival Tray

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Crowfall dev blog outlines a bunch of changes coming to 5.110.

Big ticket items for the team include guild vs guild support, city building, and strategy elements. Additionally, the survival tray is being removed after player feedback,

“Player feedback was universally in agreement that the system was non-intuitive (“I picked up an axe, ran over to the spider and left-clicked and none of my attacks did damage! Next thing I know I’m the ground being attacked, wth?!”) and awkward. It also led to a host of under-the-covers problems from a design standpoint as we had to constantly think about everything with the consideration that the player was in two distinct ‘states’.”

However, melee, ranged, stealth, and druid life/death trays will still be there, unchanged. The new model without the survival tray is much more context sensitive. Here’s how the team explains it,

“If you walk up to a tree and left-click, the game is smart enough to recognize you are trying to chop a tree and it automatically sheaths your weapon and pulls out your axe. If the situation is questionable at all (and from what we’ve seen, there rarely is a situation where the game has to decide if you intended to harvest something or engage in combat), the system assumes that you intended combat.”

This is the first of such dev diaries, so keep an eye out for more down the line.


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