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Crowfall Dev Diary Looks at War of the Gods Update

Racial disciplines are a focus

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Crowfall team posted a lengthy dev diary looking at the War of the Gods update earlier.

The major focus was character races. The team took a close look at all the races and their bloodline passives. The team explained it thusly,

“For the upcoming version, we took a hard look at all the races. This includes their racial “bloodline” passives (i.e. passive benefits that you get just for being this race), the statistic increases and the attribute caps. Over the course of the last few updates, I feel like we’ve been drifting towards increasing homogeny between the races. (For example, everyone gets two crafting-based increases, two combat-based increases, and one harvesting-based increase.) This is contrary to our design goal of making each race feel very different from each other, as that makes the choice of which race to play much more interesting.”

Ultimately, each race ended up with a Racial Discipline. The team also provided examples of passives such as:

  • Coagulation
  • Sure Footed
  • Improbable Antidote
  • Walk Without Rhythm

The goal was more player choice,

“The goal is to give you multiple avenues that are all really compelling, to make it a hard choice to decide which particular set of advantages you want to optimize for your personal play style.”


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