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Crowfall ACE Q&A Live Stream Today, Plus New Test Patch Notes

Fixes and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Q&A live stream for Crowfall is scheduled for later this morning at 12p ET, while some new patch notes dropped.

The live stream is being teased to learn what’s next for the game. Additionally, given that it’s a Q&A, be sure to submit any of your questions to this thread for a chance of it being answered on the stream. Elsewhere, 6.200 test patch notes released touching on crafting, UI, powers, and disciplines.

Crafting, UI, and Disciplines effectively received some fixes. Powers in particular touched on Assassins, Druids, Minotaurs, Myrmidons, Rangers, and Templars:

  • Assassin: Updated backstab so that its cooldown is populated dynamically. Should fix an inconsistency with taking the cutthroat promotion.
  • Druid: Wicked Winds now does Nature damage.
  • Minotaurs Fixed the Minotaur master of swords animations.
  • Myrmidon: Neck slash now properly mitigates the crash for Battlerager by 50% if used within 3 seconds of crashing.
  • Myrmidon: Added the Healing value to the tooltip of Gift of Blood.
  • Rangers: Warden's Disengage traps will no longer be floating in the air.
  • Rangers: Fixed an issue causing the Archer promotion class to be unable to equip spellbound and compound bows.
  • Templar: Fixed an issue that prevented multiple powers from converting to Holy damage when Holy Warrior is used.
  • Templar: Righteous Reflections has been changed to reduce the amount of damage it is reflecting back on ranged attacks.


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