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Crowfall 5.125 TEST Patch Brings Bunch of Fixes to Campaign, Powers, More

Don't forget the full wipe

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new test patch for Crowfall sees a bunch of incoming fixes for campaign, UI, powers, and more.

The patch, dubbed development build 5.125.0, will see campaign adjusted with a small increase with barrier health for each stronghold level for Mini Keeps. Additionally, fort chests will dole out correct amount of resources, which is good. Additionally, a broken collision for forts and training zones of God Reach campaigns was fixed.

Powers see a few fixes as well, including,

  • Confessor Moment of Glory talent now correctly says Knockdown instead of Knock Up.
  • Druid Lightning Burst combo should now correctly hit targets while you or the target are moving.
  • Druid Coalesce Life orbs should once again disappear correctly where appropriate.

There are host of more general fixes included in this test build. These fixes range from fixing special effects, culling performance on sources of light, fort loot chests, and more including:

  • Fixed an issue where High Elf models would display an incorrect hairstyle stacked with your hair choice.
  • Fixed an issue where game assets would briefly disappear immediately after closing your Skill Tree window.
  • Fixed an issue where guard NPCs would appear without weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where tower outpost ladders were difficult to use (especially when trying to go down the ladder).

As a reminder, update 5.125 will require a full wipe as outlined previously.


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