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Crowdfunded Praey for the Gods Hitting PS4 and PS5 in Q1 2021

Runs at 60fps on PS5

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The crowdfunded Praey for the Gods is set to release on PS5 and PS4 in early 2021.

The news arrives in a blog post written by Brian Parnell, Director at No Matter Studios. He writes that the team was already developing the game for PS5 with optimizations to achieve 30fps on that platform. On PS5, however, it’s set to run at 60fps at maxed out graphics, full shadows, and high resolution textures.

It’s not just graphics, though. The team thought about DualSense as well,

“Feeling your bow draw back and the resistance match on the controller’s adaptive triggers is so visceral. Feeling your feet crunch through deep snow, the tug of your sail cloth popping open as you leap into the air, or feeling the wind blow — all of these impacts are felt in your hands as you control your character.”

They’re still tuning the DualSense implementation, but stay tuned. If you buy the game on PS4, the PS5 upgrade will be free. You can learn more here.


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