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Crow Appreciation Rewards Come to Crowfall

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Crowfall has announced Crow Appreciation Rewards.

The details were provided in a press release and are meant to be a thank you to the backers of Crowfall,

“It’s a way to say thanks to all backers of the project. Crow Appreciation Rewards will be rolling out to all backers beginning February 24 (when the first reward can be earned) and then the 24th day of every subsequent month right up to launch. These are in-game rewards that will be an entitlement to each backer’s account and claimable at launch.”

The news post provided some additional information,

“These monthly rewards will be given to all backers who have a pledge package/starter pack, including newly-purchased starter packs, you have to be a backer by 11:59 PM CST//5:59 AM GMT on the 24th of the month.”

The rewards will be added to your account every month if you’re a backer, and you can track them here. You can check out the terms and FAQ here.


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