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Crossout Players Invited to the Knight Riders Event

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Crossout players are being invited to come into the game to check out the brand new Knight Riders event. The Knechte faction has arrived and will remain in game for the next couple of weeks. While there, players will be able to get hold of some new weapons and other high-tech parts for their vehicles. Also, from now through October 9th, players can take part in a special mission for the Knecht's to earn "talers".

In the Knight’s shop players can also find:

  • 200-kilos revolver “Corvo”, who’s last shot deals triple damage.
  • Plasma emitter “Helios”, that gives additional damage if all the shells within the same burst hit one target.
  • Shotgun “Nidhogg”, which gets more power, depending on the speed of the vehicle. The faster it goes, the more hurtful it be for the enemies.
  • Radar “Oculus VI”, will warn the player about the enemies that can’t be seen. The sensor turns toward the hidden enemy, flashes and beeps. With this invention, nobody can take you by surprise!

Learn more on the Crossout site.


Suzie Ford

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