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Crossout Players Can Now Race Through Tricky Treats & Halloween Themed PvP Missions

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Crossout is going Halloween starting today with the arrival of the Halloween event in the "post-apocalyptic online action game". During the event, there are a number of quests to take on, including both PvP and PvE types. Players can collect over twenty decorative items including stickers for vehicles, unique colors and more. These can be used by the player or sold through the in-game market.

The first mission that offers “Tricky treats” as a reward is the “Witch Hunt” brawl, where players scramble to take possession of a garland of creepy balloons. Once attached to their vehicle, they become the “Witch” the other players are after, and need to remain in control of the garland for as long as possible. With everyone sporting the same, specifically designed vehicle without weapons, capturing the garland is done through driving skills alone, by ramming the current owner. The map where the event takes place offers plenty of room for ambushes from every possible angle, and only the best will manage to keep the garland long enough to achieve victory. 

Check out the Crossout site to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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