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CrossfireX Gets Its Biggest MultiPlayer Update With New Maps, Weapons, Improved Matchmaking and More

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Announced at Gamescom with a new trailer, there’s a huge update today for first-person online shooter and latest entry in the Crossfire series, CrossfireX. This update is CrossfireX’s biggest multiplayer update to date, and adds two new maps, new weapons, vehicles, and turrets, along with other improvements to matchmaking and mechanics. 

The new maps, Babylon, a new Occupation map is available for Modern Multiplayer, and Satellite, is available for Search & Destroy, Modern, and Classic Multiplayer modes. In addition to the two new maps, this update introduces two maps, Submarine, and Transport Ship. Both of the reintroduced maps are for different team deathmatch modes.

Play on the Babylon map for more than 100 minutes to complete the new in-game mission, Rise of Babylon. By doing so, you’ll unlock the Kalash-103 base weapon and the Alpine Strike skin to go with it.

Talking weapons, there are four new base weapons, 25 new weapon skins, and three weapon accessories. You'll be able to earn new weapon skins, boosts, premium currency, and in-game currency through the free event Battle Pass and BP EXP Boost event.

The update brings the total number of maps up to 10 after six months and seven game updates, and also adds improved matchmaking, as well as updates that help aiming and shooting mechanics. This includes an improved standard aim response curve. These come on top of the game’s added Weapon Mastery mechanic and Shooting Range modes, and improvements to aim sensitivity from previous updates.

When Smilegate Entertainment calls this the game’s biggest multi-player update yet, it covers the in-game mission, all the new weapons, additional quality of life changes like improved matchmaking as well as updated control customization, additional options for the mini-map, and more. There are two single-player episodic arcs available as DLC for the free overall multiplayer game, with one, Operation Catalyst, also free to download.

Find out more over at CrossfireX.

Editor's note: Edited the headline and article to reflect the update impacting multiplayer, not single-player. We apologize for that error.


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