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Cross-Platform Tarisland Will Hold Its First Closed Beta Test on Android and PC Starting June 27th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tarisland is opening its doors to the first batch of closed beta testers on June 27th. The cross-platform MMORPG will hold an Android beta in select regions and globally on PC.

The beta test announcement comes just after the team released a few new lore trailers last week and began to share more about the big fantasy MMORPG, including the High Elves. The closed beta on Android will take place in the regions of Brazil, Canada, the UK, and the Philippines. On PC, the closed beta will be open to players around the world. Signups have already opened up if you're interested in trying to see what Tarisland is all about.

In announcing the new closed beta, the team set up what we can expect to see. If you are selected for the beta test, you'll be able to pick one of seven character classes and get to explore the regions and storylines in Ancash Canyon, SilverLit, and Misty Forest. Additionally,  the upcoming beta offers five crafting professions to try out, the Arena, Battlegrounds, and even World bosses. 

When it comes to an MMORPG, understanding the classes, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they interact with each other and balance each other out is important when it comes to teaming up to take on challenges like raids or dungeons. The final game intends to have a deep and highly customizable character class system,  to suit your playstyle. So this beta will offer just a slice of that, since progression in the final release will be based on a seasonal system, so expect new PvE content and PVP challenges to arrive each season.

Speaking of dungeons, with the beta test, Tarisland will have a special competition. There will be rewards, including titles, for the first to defeat the four dungeon bosses with a team of 10.

The beta will be split on platforms, but when Tarisland releases, it will feature full cross progression and cross play between mobile and PC.

To find out more or to sign up for the beta, head over to Tarisland.


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