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Cross-Platform Summoners War: Chronicles Launches Today in 170 Countries

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Summoner’s War: Chronicles launches globally today in 170 countries. With a release on PC and mobile, the release has support for cross-platform save and play. 

This new reboot and reimagining of the Summoner’s War IP launched in North America back in November, and in Korea earlier in 2022. We previewed the game and also featured an interview with Executive Producer Eunjae Lee on bringing the game to new audiences and fans of the IP alike.

With the new global release, Summoner’s War: Chronicles is available in 14 languages via a variety of platforms. In addition to your preferred mobile app stores, PC access is available via Steam, Google Play Games, and Con2Us’ own platform, Hive. Hive also allows for browser-based access on Mac. 

For those who are looking to get started in the online action-MMO, there are events and offers to support new players, as well as official getting started guides. These guides will help you to learn the basics, get new Monsters to summon, and train. Events and special intro help include a coupon for gifts, and some events that include showing off your monsters from pick-up summons. 

When it comes to monsters and summons, these are a natural priority for discovery,training, and eventually, to seek out the rare and top-tier monsters to claim. How you raise and train the ones you acquire matters, and this is intended to keep in line with the flavor of the original IP as well as offer something new to pursue. 

With some of the available monsters so-so, others quite viable,and others rare and top tier or close, Summoner’s War: Chronicles keeps goals to chase and growth in both your player character and all of the options you earn. 

For more details on the game, the global launch, and how to access the cross-platform release, head over to Summoner’s War: Chronicles.


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