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Cross-Platform Play in DUST 514

Michael Bitton Posted:
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EVE Online is expanding its horizons and reaching into new territory with the announcement of the EVE Online console FPS, DUST 514. But this game isn't just an offshoot based in the same universe, no, the game is strongly interconnected with the PC game as well! This translated interview with CCP Games' CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson reveals more!

K: Now we need to ask further. You said that Events within DUST 514 will influence the Eve universe and the other way. How synced are the two worlds in detail?  

CCP: Very synced, honestly. A fight on a planet taking part within DUST will have immidiate impact on the stratetic control a single Eve Player or group of players will have over this planet. And it is very simple to keep these things synced. It might have a large impact, but it is not much data that we have to transfer.

Players in the MMOG will apparently be able to essentially hire DUST players to undertake missions on the ground in order to aid in gaining control of a planet. Planetary control itself will introduce new gameplay for EVE players as well:

K: And in return the Eve player get's the corresponding Sector of one planet, if his soldiers win the battle. If he owns most sectors on a planet, he will own the planet. But what does he get from that?

CCP: What can be done with the planets will be announced next year at the time our next expansion is due. This will introduce planetary control. If a player controls a certain amound of planets in one sun system, he will own the whole system. That expands our sovereignty system and makes warfare within Eve more transparent and shifts it to a whole new level.

The RTS elements of DUST 514 are also explained a bit further in this interview, with the ability to call in things like stationary weapons to the battlefield that will persist through the whole fight. Think of the Battlefield commander system.

Will players from both the PC MMOG and DUST 514 finally get to meet when Walking in Stations comes to EVE? This seems to be a good possibility:

K: Well, on of the first questions our readers asked, when we reported your announcement was: Can I encounter console players in the PC game, for example when we can walk both in stations. An expansion for Eve with this is allready planned.

CCP: Yes.... sounds like a great idea. *laughs*

For more information, check out the full translated interview here. The original German interview can be found on Krawall.de.


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