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Cross-Platform MMORPG Mad World is Looking for Alpha Testers

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Independent 2D MMORPG Mad World is planning its third alpha test to begin next week. The Jandisoft team is looking for testers to get in and test things out, as well as see how the servers hold up. 

Jandisoft has been developing the cross-platform MMO for several years now, and is hoping to get at least 20,000 testers in for this new round. The alpha opens on October 11th at 9:00am GST, which is 5am Eastern. If you've missed it before, Mad World is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG that will be browser based and based on HTML5. As far as the concept goes, being in a post-apocalyptic world means that there really are no more rules. A thousand years after an unknown event led the world into chaos, people are surviving as they can, and setting their own paths. This, of course, leaves plenty of room for creatures, schemes, power hungry people, and even some huge monster raids and social features. In fact, the balance is tipped towards the demons and dangerous forces in this grimdark world where humans are still trying to survive how they can.

The game features 2D hand-drawn animation and art, a classless weapons-based system, and will have classic MMO features and include PvP battle arenas. The team is also taking a more narrative-based approach to NPCs, with the intent to make them more grounded in the world and giving them their own stories that tie into what you might experience as you adventure forth.

Given the development time and a few hiccups along the way, Mad World still does not have a projected release window, but with a third alpha coming, this does show that things are progressing. To find out more, including its lore and how the developers are approaching a cross-platform, browser-based drawn MMORPG, you can visit the Mad World site


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