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Cross-Platform Cozy Fantasy Sim Fae Farm Launches on PC and Nintendo Switch

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Today, cozy farm Sim Fae Farm launches on PC and Nintendo Switch. The second game from Dauntless dev Phoenix Labs blends mechanics like growing and harvesting crops, raising farm animals, and catching animals with magic, narrative elements, and an island to explore.

The world of Azoria Is where you'll build and customize your home, decorate, and of course, create your character and customize your appearance. Explore the area, meet and befriend a number of characters throughout your adventure, and perhaps even romance one of them. If you're interested in growing crops, and gathering resources, they'll come in handy when you look to engage in the game's crafting system. You can craft cosmetics for your character's appearance, and even craft items for your home. 

Don't forget the magic, you'll be able to learn the ways of magic and use that to help restore peace to the island. (We previewed Fae Farm and there is more than meets the eye here. ) You're not only just cultivating the island and creating a real home for yourself, you'll be able to learn new things from other characters, Including some of the myths, legends, and secrets that you'll get by exploring the realms in the world. Not only will you meet familiar animals and care for them, you'll also be able to discover a number of mythical creatures.

Once you've trained up, you'll be able to also help protect the world and the island and restore Peace by taking on enemies and using the magic that you've learned. 

On PC, there are two versions via Steam and Epic Games Store –standard and deluxe. Standard is $40 and Deluxe is $60, and will include the soundtrack and the first two post-launch DLC releases. On Nintendo Switch, you can only get that $60 edition, with the upcoming DLC.

Releasing as a cross platform title, you can play Fae Farm solo or with up to four players via online multiplayer. The development team emphasizes that the whole Adventure is designed to be enjoyed at your own pace and however you want to play. 

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