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Crimson Desert Lead Producer Details New Engine, PvP, Ray Tracing, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New details regarding Crimson Desert’s engine, gameplay, and more were shared in a recent interview with Lead Producer Jason Jung.

Speaking with WCCFTech, Jung addressed the criticisms with Black Desert,

“We are fully aware of the criticisms. As you can see during the videos, we are really focused on the PvE players. We are very committed to making those experiences.”

He continued that he believes a true experience of an MMORPG involves a lot of interaction and trade between players. He expounded on the PvP,

“While a lot of information is still confidential, the basic systems of PVP from Black Desert will be there. We’re really focusing on the PVE content and even for PVP, there will be elements of cooperation.”

Fans of ray tracing will be happy as well, as Jung confirmed ray tracing, HDR, TAA (temporal antialiasing), SSAO are all in the game,

“Ray tracing, HDR, TAA, all of it, SSAO, the rendering pipeline…Yes, we fully support [HDR] and ray tracing is basic for us. I’m not a programmer, so I cannot say the exact name of the tech that we use, but it’s cool!”

As for consoles? It’s undecided at the moment, but Jung prefers the next generation of machines, with cross-play seemingly confirmed.


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