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Creepy Klaipeda Event from Tomorrow Through November 21st

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Tree of Savior players will be able to take part in some Halloween fun thanks to the arrival of the Creepy Klaipeda event that begins on Tuesday, October 24th and runs through Tuesday, November 21st. During the event, players can speak to the Scaredy Scarecrow to gain entrance to the dungeon of the same name as the event. During the time in dungeon, players attack monsters and fellow Saviors to earn Treats.

Combat Rules

1) You will not be able to use skills or items inside the event dungeon. You also cannot bring in any Companions. 2) All players will use the same basic attack (Z key), which increases in range but also in cooldown and casting time whenever you gather over 50, 100 and 150 Sugar Treats. 3) The only skill you can use inside the dungeon is Candy Dash, a skill exclusive to this event dungeon. 4) Candy Dash does not deal damage. It consumes 20% of your current Odd Candies and increases your movement speed by 10 for 3 seconds. The cooldown is 6 seconds. 5) In order to gain Sugar Treats, you need to attack other players or monsters inside the event dungeon (Kepa, Popolion, Large Kepa, Halloween Witch). 6) You lose Sugar Treats every time you are attacked by players/monsters or use the Candy Dash skill. 7) No defense is applied inside the dungeon. Instead, your attack and HP are determined by the total amount of Sugar Treats you possess.

You can check out the full event details on the Tree of Savior site.


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