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Jon Wood Posted:
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MMORPG.com ROSE correspondent Brian Rodgers pens this article about ROSE Online and the recent switch over to a free to play format.

I started ROSE Online a few days ago as it interested me quite a long while back; the trailer is what caught my eye then. Now, with it going Free-to-play, it really attracted my attention, as I knew it was Pay-to-play before hand. So, I decided to try it out. I jumped right in and, after reading on the classes a bit, decided to make a Soldier Build, more on the offensive side.

Now, for those of you whom haven't heard of or played this game, it functions like Ragnarok, Maple Story and a few other games for its class selection; you pick your class in game at X level; for this game, 10. The other part also familiar in it is the fact that you pick your stats rather than having them added to this and that automatically. I found that you pick up a Ton of extra items for crafting in this game, and they can (Most of the time) Be sold for lots of extra cash; glue, for instance, a lowbie level drop, which can be found off of even the most low level bad guys, sells for up to around 50,000 Zulie (In-game currency). Now, why is this you may ask? Well, I went into a long interview with a player (AbsentVoid) and got quite a bit of Information.

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Jon Wood