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Corpse Runs Explored as a Mechanic to Bind Players Together

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The latest "Mondays in MMOs" has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site. In this latest post, the notion of "corpse runs" is explored as a mechanic to bring players together. "He who has no friends will quickly go nowhere in the game which leads directly to players naturally making more friends than they do in a single player game masquerading as an MMORPG, such as SWTOR or ESO".

In the current pre-alpha build of SoL, players are first knocked unconscious and can be revived by nearby party members or even someone finding the "crumpled body". Unconsciousness has a time limit, however, before players are sent to the nearest spawn point and a tombstone with all gear is left at the point of death. 

The team is also considering some alternatives to leaving all of a player's gear out in the wilderness including the addition of a race of deep earth goblins who will collect gear and leave it in a location to be fetched for a heavy price. The details, however, are still a work in progress.

You can read the full post on the Saga of Lucimia site.

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