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Corepunk's Closed Beta Delayed To Spring 2021

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you were looking forward to playing Corepunk’s closed beta, unfortunate news. You’ll have to wait until Spring 2021 to experience it.

If you recall, the team was targeting December originally for their closed beta. Recently, however, that’s now changed. The team cites quality as the reason for delay, in addition to lockdown, the pandemic, and the real complications of remote work. They also mention the releases of Shadowlands and Cyberpunk 2077 as reasons for this delay with gamers having a lot to play during this holiday period.

They added,

“In October, our team members started getting sick, some with COVID-19 and some with the seasonal flu. Adding stress and sleep deprivation that suppress the immune system is way too dangerous in the current situation. As a result, we decided that it would be best to pump the brakes a little and not to crunch this winter. Since August everyone has had the option of working remotely (so far around half the team has done so). There's also a possible winter lockdown on the horizon.”

Elsewhere, the update discusses Unity, mulitplay, heroes, masteries, the forums, and website rewrite work in progress.


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