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Corepunk's Business Model Will Be 'Buy-to-play + Cosmetics'

In-game shop, battle pass

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Corepunk’s Quarterly Update for Q1 2020 has shed more light onto their intended business model.

According to the team, the business model is the most popular requests they receive. The team announced that they’re going with a Buy-to-Play + cosmetics model, with battle passes, in-game shop as part of the cosmetics,

“From day one having a fair game was our top priority. On the other hand maintaining game servers and supporting players takes a lot of effort and isn’t cheap. So we were looking for a fair option that will make it work.”

The team notes that they will not sell any boosters or anything that will affect gameplay. Cosmetic items will only be bought in the in-game shop, or through the battle pass,

“Having monthly subscription probably would’ve been the most fair type of business model for an MMO, perhaps we would not have to bother about in-game shop at all. But not many MMO’s can survive on subscription these days, so we decided to go for buy-to-play model.”

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