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Coreborn Now Permanently $15 On Steam

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Victoria Rose Posted:
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If you’re looking for a cheap early access survival game among many other not-as-cheap early access survival games, you’ve got a new option. 

Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore, the “social survival” game, is now $15 on Steam—and that’ll be forever, according to the developers on Discord. It seems to be a push to draw players and their friends into the game, as players are encouraged to share it around. 

Coreborn is a PvE survival game based off a German pen-and-paper TTRPG called “Ultracore” with crafting, town building, combat and more. Players survive in a world where, after over two centuries of conflict, nations are shielded under the “Ultracore.” While new threats loom, the generations that inherited these lands have to reclaim them by building and expanding.  

The price drop on Coreborn is a fair move by the team, as the market for early-access shared-world and co-op survival games is really tough right now, even at sub-$40 price points. Right now, just skimming the surface, we’ve got Palworld for people who want a goofy time, Enshrouded for the players preferring a darker setting, and Nightingale for those looking for an intense twist on the genre, and that’s not to speak of the surprise hits that were released even cheaper throughout the past few months. 

Much like these other games, Coreborn has kept up on its promises of regular updates and discussions with developers, mainly on its official Discord in this case, though Steam reviews are mixed at the moment given its early access state. 


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