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Core Loop Announces Funding of $12 million For its Blockchain Sandbox MMORPG

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A new game studio by the name of Core Loop announced they’ve raised a funding round of  $12 million to develop a new sandbox MMORPG using blockchain technology.

The new studio opened in 2020, headed by Vincenzo Alagna and Dan Chao. When they began, blockchain wasn’t initially part of the plan, but with blockchain tech and so-called paid to earn gaming having gotten big and becoming a potentially significant presence, now these components will be part of the release that they’re working on.

They are building a sandbox MMORPG with a player driven economy, as noted by VentureBeat. With some studios, like Ubisoft, recently embracing blockchain and pay to earn gaming as here to stay and part of the future, the two creators decided to sit down and see how blockchain technology could fit into their game’s concept. 

So what can we expect from the MMO? For the skeptics, Chao says that “we are making a fun game first“. He mentions EVE Online as a potential reference point for how a player driven economy and special currency can work. As a sandbox, the design intends to lean towards player agency and co-op play. This will be a cross platform game that will be on PC and mobile in some form, where you might  play certain tasks like farming or crafting on your phone and then go home and group up for a raid.

How will blockchain fit in? It doesn’t have to touch your experience if you don’t want to because they want to focus on building the game first so you can go and adventure around the world in the free to play release. Purchase or blockchain is not going to be necessary to play or to start, but they want to create something special that you can earn and give incentives like special rules or ownership opportunities. 

You can check the Core Loop site for updates.


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