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Cooperative Sandbox World Eternal Online Open Alpha Begins

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World Eternal Online is an upcoming cooperative sandbox MMORPG. Developer Core Loop has just opened up an open alpha phase for the game.

Set in a world called Althea, where every 100 centuries, there is an invasion by a demonic horde that wants to destroy the place. It has been a while since the last attack happened and Legend tells of five hero infections that joined together to save the world. Now that 10,000 more years have passed, living memory of the past is gone and the hordes are, naturally, back to wreak some havoc. 

Instead of this being just the beginning, the heroes that are currently in Althea have been fighting back and pushed the invaders to a different continent to fight them. Known as The Lands Beyond, here’s where you come in, as the heroes need some help.

The team touts evolving zones, dungeons, bases, and an event system to dive into. They also promise that World Eternal Online will  eventually feature factions, rating, dungeons, territory control, and a player-driven economy. These features are more or less ones we would expect, but as the game is still under development and in testing, there’s more to potentially explore and see how the world distinguishes itself. 

This is a blockchain/NFT game, since, in the announcement press release, Core Loop mentioned collecting heroes and their version of a premium pass.

“Players can decide if they want to upgrade their GamePass to a limited edition digital collectible allowing them to  own, sell, or trade their collectibles!”

You'll be able to take part in different adventures and battles, PVP if you want, and other aspects of cooperative sandboxes like building a city, and ultimately figuring out how to defend it. Yet, there will also be PVE content around, like roaming bosses and territories to conquer. One of the aspects of a player-driven sandbox is that the world will be changing. you can play a role in how that happens. 

Find out more over at World Eternal Online.


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