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Contract Work to Pay the Bills & Reignite Development

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The Exiled Steam page has been updated with a very candid look at the game's last few months since the launch into Early Access. Developers admit that the game does not currently have enough players to sustain the game or drive development forward. The team has had to take on contract work to pay their personal bills. However, the good news is that things have eased and confidence is high that both contract work and ongoing development on The Exiled can coexist.

At the commencement of Season 7, a new game mode called "Survival" will launch. It will be focused on a three hour window per day. This, according to devs, creates an incentive for players to log in to participate in PvP action. 

Survival Mode will also provide:

  • a limited number of lives  - when they run out, a player has to take a break from the game. Currently lives will cap at 6 with 3 earned per day.
  • thirst - players will need to drink up during the three hour window

So this is it, now you know our plans going forward. Of course we're also working on some smaller and bigger bug-fixes, performance improvements and balance tweaks. But Survival Mode will be our focus for the coming months. We will release more detailed info about it over the coming weeks and we will make sure to discuss it with you in detail and take in your feedback. After all, this is Early Access. We know that big changes like this are sometimes painful but we're also committed to being here and to discuss it in detail with you.

Read the full post on The Exiled Steam page.


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