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Continent of the Ninth Seal Updated with the New Manacrafter Mystic Class

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Webzen has announced that Continent of the Ninth Seal has been updated to bring the Manacrafter Mystic class into the game. Manacrafters bring a magically imbued sword to the fight that charges before unleashing their power. Players will need to unlock the new class by collecting Soulshards throughout a variety of activities within the game.

Players will also have the chance to participate in the brand new 4v4 battle mode that pits two teams against each other and a boss monster. "Working together as a team of four to defeat the boss monster, each team can unleash major damage down on the boss or use it to interfere with the other team." The winning team is determined by which one landed the most damage. 

To celebrate the arrival of the Manacrafter update, the C9 team will be organizing various in-game events running from today until July 8th, 2019 (UTC). The Jumping Event will allow both new and returning players create a new lv. 57 character and receive a Book of Knowledge to reach lv. 63, all packed with additional goods in order to help speed up levelling their character.

Learn more on the Continent of the Ninth Seal site.


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