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Suzie Ford Posted:
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In the latest Heroes of Three Kingdoms blog, developers outline all of the juicy new details about the latest content update. The update includes four new weapons, new hero levels, new important battles, UI improvements and a new playable race. Be sure to swing by the Heroes of Three Kingdoms blog to check out all of the details!

Introducing the new playable race to Heroes of Three Kingdoms, the ancient Miao are a people who live off the land. Dwelling in the southwest region of Yizhou for countless generations, they’ve survived due to their exceptional hunting and efficient, yet simple architecture. In their culture, the men are born to be warriors and protect their people during war. The women on the other hand have a much higher population and control order and influence cultural practices. Because they worship the fire god, Zhu Rong, it’s only natural that the supposed descendant, Lady Zhurong rule alongside Meng Huo.

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Suzie Ford

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