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Conqueror's Blade's New Season Takes Us to Ancient Rome, With Colosseum Mode and Gladiator Units

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 Conqueror’s Blade is getting ready to launch another new, historically-inspired season, this time with a new game mode, Colosseum, new gladiator units, and the new campaign theme inspired by ancient Rome.

Colosseum mode will pit two teams of six against each other in an arena to fight for territory control and make their claims to emerge victorious. You’ll have to strategize, using knowledge of the units, heroes and their weapons, and how to drain the enemy team’s points, capture their flags, and importantly, to hold them. You’ll be able to fight and recruit the new gladiator units, which just might be the key to a win.

The new units in this update will be released throughout the season. First up and available to unlock now is the three-star Dimachaeri, who wields two blades. They don’t carry shields, so they’re more vulnerable than other units, but with fierce attacks, including one that’s unblockable, they are deadly frontal assault units when used effectively.

The next gladiator units are the Myrmillones, 4-star units that use both sword and shield to attack and knock enemies back.  The Retiarii are the 5-star units on the way soon, and they fight with javelin charges.

Ancient Rome is the inspiration for the new seasonal campaign. Emperor Hadrianus wants to reopen the Gladiator Games to entertain the people and distract from his poor leadership. However, complicating matters is the appearance and rise of a mysterious faction  and a conspiracy to investigate. The conspiracy threatens the emperor and presents you, the player, with weekly challenges that let you enter the Gladiator Games. You'll also be able to unlock new units by completing challenges.

The new season also kicks off a  new Battle Pass season, with season-exclusive items, including Gladiator Champion armor and Centurion armor among the highlights.

Find out more details about the new update over at Conqueror’s Blade.


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