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Conqueror's Blade Season 8 Dynasty Available Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Dynasty Season 8 for Conqueror’s Blade has officially launched, bringing about new units, a new hero, and more. Read on for more.

We previously reported on the Dynasty Season 8 late last month when it was first announced. If you missed our initial coverage, you can catch up here. Season 8 take direct inspiration from what the press release called the “cosmopolitan golden age” of China which took place during the Tung Dynasty (hence the season’s name).

As you play throughout this season, you’ll follow along the rise of the Qian Dynasty, which is entirely fictional. This rise will include several campaigns and missions. Additionally, you’ll travel to a new location, Longting. This fictional location was directly inspired by East Asia and includes a new hub city called Hao Jing.

Seaon 8 will also bring about new weapons like the Pike. Described as a thrusting weapon, use the Pike for attacks when you need some extra reach. Alongside the Pike, Season 8 will include three new seasonal units. These include Cudgel Monks (so much yes), Greyhair Garrison, and Madao Battalion.

You’ll also be able to buy the Season 8 battle pass if that’s your thing. The pass itself contains over 100 levels of various premium rewards. You’ll be able to earn these rewards through play. Just what are these rewards? You’ll be able to unlock the Wrathful Emperor Hero Attire, Shadow Legion Unit Attire, Iron Warrior Hero Attire, new Emotes, weapon skins, and more.

Conqueror’s Blade has seen several updates throughout this year, including the viking-themed Wolves of Ragnarök, in addition to several events back in January.


Poorna Shankar