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Conqueror's Blade Receives Knights & Squires Update

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Conqueror's Blade has been updated with new content as part of the Knights & Squires release. New content includes five new Crusade units, new quests to explore, and a new endgame progression system. In addition, developers have deployed a balance update and squashed several bugs for better client stability.

Players will find new recruits to command in the form of Demesne Spearmen, Squires, Spear Sergeants, Men-at-Arms, and Monastic Knights.

There are also a number of new tutorial quests that "provide more help to warlords in training". These come with a number of rewards and equipment.

New Military Ranks Progression System: Warlords looking for more ways to show off their progression after hitting the level cap will be pleased to know that Military Ranks are part of a new progression system. Ranks will show other players an overview of their in-game military expertise and achievements! The system will activate once level 60 is reached, with the Military Ranks displaying as a special frame around the class icon. 

Learn more on the Conqueror's Blade site.


Suzie Ford

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