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Conqueror's Blade: Paragons Adds New Season With French Themed Maps, Rewards, and New Units

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A new season starts today in Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons, with the new seasonal update inspired by Medieval France. The new content is inspired by the region and wars that happened there including the Hundred Years War, the Siege of Orleans, and heroes like Joan of Arc.

The update comes with a brand new cinematic trailer that sets the tone for what you can expect. Sieges, hard battles, and mounted knights will all play a part.

There are three new units that you can unlock across the course of the season, Alchemists, Banner Guards, and Chevaliers. Alchemists will have healing abilities that can tend to wounded soldiers but also attack with makeshift weapons and explosives. They might be a good surprise for key moments. Banner Guards are loyal and helpful, and they’ll carry your flags. Sometimes they’ll plant them on the field to affect the rest of your units and bolster morale through their action. The mounted Chevalier is a standout, and with the power to engage in cavalry battles and lead charges. Chevaliers will also be stronger opponents when supported by your other units.

With the new season come new areas. The new map is called La Grande Gloire and it’s inspired by historical events, and is based on the wiege of 1428-1429 that helped determine the future of France. There will be bridges you can both destroy and rebuild as strategy determines. Gain an advantage and victory can be yours in the new battles.

With the arrival of the new content, there's also a new seasonal Battle Pass with over 100 levels of rewards. The rewards are based on the new season and include French themed hero attire, unite attire, a mount set, weapon skins, and more inspired by the chivalric knights at an important time in European history. 

For more on the update, see the announcement over at Conqueror’s Blade.


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