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Conqueror's Blade Opens Lunar Festival With Two Rewarding Game Zones and Extra Rewards

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tactical action MMO Conqueror’s Blade has two new game modes and is celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with the Lunar Festival. There’s also the currently in effect Scorpio Battle Pass, which is on sale, to grab some rewards too.

The Lunar Festival will run through February 9th, and the limited time activities and rewards are up for the challenge. The two limited modes are Deploy and Defend, which returns for this event, and Battle Roulette.

Deploy and Defend is a solo horde mode where you’ll face waves of enemies that increase in difficulty per subsequent wave. You’ll have the support of your units, which is the deployment part, so you’ll have to use those units strategically to get through the waves if you want the best rewards. Battle Roulette has three maps to take on, but your units will be randomly assigned. Once again, you’ll have to deploy strategically, but you won’t get to pick what you take with you. 

Siege or field battles will also be worth some extra loot if you manage to reach better ratings. Get yourself an S, A, or B rating and you’ll earn more Battle Blossoms that you can trade for rewards. During this event, there will also be unit sharing, so you and your House and Cohort can lend units for more rewards there too.

In Conqueror’s Blade, you have the chance to play with a number of historically-inspired units, and this is no different. The Lunar Festival itself will have a few login and collection events as well, and everything is decorated to mark the Year of the Rabbit. There’s a new trailer for the event showing off the decorated maps, the modes, and of course, battles. 

For more on the event, and all of the event modes and changes, head to Conqueror’s Blade.


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