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Conqueror's Blade New Season Coming on June 9th With Viking-Inspired Helheim Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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On June 9th, a new season begins in Conqueror’s Blade with the arrival of the Helheim update. If you've been looking for a new challenge to refresh your  tactical strategy in this medieval a memo, this next free update  will bring a new campaign inspired by Viking raiders, with additional content.

The seasonal campaign sees the Northmen trying to re-establish their empire on the Distant Shores. You'll have to start in the Borderlands or Ungverija, and play through each week to see the story progress.  in the beginning, you'll have 3-Star units across Siege, field, and Territory Wars battles. As you progress and play through the campaign, their power will grow and you will have more options. If you choose, you can also battle in territory wars with your house, completing stages and perhaps participating in a final showdown at the end of the season.

The update comes with reworked versions of some beloved fan-favorite maps. Broch Estray, opens on June 9th, with other maps, La Grande Gloire and Heilung Fjord, coming later. A new season also means a new Battle Pass with new rewards and bonuses. This round includes emotes, exclusive cosmetics, currency, and more. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a Conqueror's Blade update without new units. The Viking inspiration brings two new units, the first of which will be available on June 9th with the update, are the 4-Star Huskarls.  These are bodyguards from noble blood and will charge into battle for you. The next new unit, Varangian Guards (5-Star), are elite warriors fueled by rage and able to use swords and shield or axes to furiously defeat their enemies. While these won't make their appearance when the update launches, they will come later in the season.

All the update is coming on June 8th, this week from May 26th until June 16th, there will be a number of events marking the third anniversary of the game's launch. Sea Monster Beach Party and other PvP and PvE events await.

For more, head to Conqueror’s Blade.


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