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Conqueror's Blade Dynasty Season Launches July 8

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Dynasty Season releases soon for Conqueror’s Blade. The date in question is July 8. What can you expect in this new season? Read on for more details.

The Dynasty Season will introduce four new units, including eastern units. You’ll be able to unlock them by completing their respective challenges as you play through the rise and fall of the Qian Dynasty.

A new hero will be introduced as well. This hero, the Pike, will be unlocked by completing its challenges, just as with the units. A new siege map is also being added, which travels through the borderlands. The new map contains several fortresses, so be prepared.

There’s also a new region called the Longting region in Guanzhong. This new region connects to Liangyun to the south, Central Plains to the east, and Maoyang to the west. It’s flanked by mountains and hills. Several cities can be found within such as Haojing, Nonetal, Qingtai, Eidolan, and Karenweil.

A new rune system is being added as well. Via the season community update,

“They discovered the Heavenly Stems used to record the cycle of life and death, and the Earthly Branches used to record the passing of time. These they summarized into 'laws' that governed all things of heaven and earth, and recorded in the forms of texts and images. Using these they could discern the reality of that which had come to pass, and of that which yet had to. They used this divination knowledge to avoid disaster, and seek fortune and riches.”

You can learn more here. Conqueror’s Blade has seen several seasons and updates this year, including the viking-themed Wolves of Ragnarök, and several events back in January.


Poorna Shankar