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Conquerer's Blade Is Launching Its Persian-Inspired Scorpio Update November 24th

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Announced today, medieval warfare MMO Conqueror's Blade is launching its next free update, Scorpio, on November 24th, bringing its ancient Persia-inspired units to the battlefield.

The new Scorpio update brings a new weapon class: Chain Dart and Scimitar to the fray. Touted as "the only weapon of choice for a true assassin," the new weapon has the ability to hook onto enemies to strike from the shadows, while a well placed smoke bomb can get you out of danger and ready to plan your next move.

A new cinematic trailer shows the weapon class in action, turning the ground warfare from just a large melee scrum to a more planned, methodical affair from the shadows. The new class takes its influence from the Order of the Assassin's during Medieval Persia that operated from the late 11th Century until the Mongols put an end to it in 1275.

The new update doesn't just bring the Hashashin to Conqueror's Blade, however, as new Persian-themed followers will be added in Scorpio, from a close-combat melee unit that throws knives, new lancers or the Hashashins themselves.

Maps are also seeing more revamps, with Kurak Castle and Reginopolis gettting a facelift to make hem "more engaging." The Scorpio update also sees a new season campaign kicks off as well, with new territory wars and more to participate in. 

Scorpio launches in Conqueror's Blade on November 24th, though the new weapon class won't be available until December 8th. Conqeuror's Blade is free to play on Steam


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