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'Confounding Labyrinth' Brings Lin, Mysterious Maps, New Enemies, and Battle Royale to Tower of Fantasy

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Details are out on tomorrow’s big Tower of Fantasy update, Confounding Labyrinth. The update not only brings the new character of Lin, but opens some mysterious new content, including new maps, chapter 8 of the story, new bosses, systems, and much more.

This is a big update, and chapter 8 of the story, “The Listener”, is just the beginning. The new map, The Confounding Abyss, is going to open up the mystery further. This new map includes new places to explore, new puzzles, exploration rewards to unlock with the main story, and additional content, like new bosses. These new bosses include Crystal Hoof: Culton, Abyssant: Harrah, Abyssant: Gaia, and something called Ripper G-042. 

With the recent trailer for the new simulacrum, Lin, featuring a big boss fight, it’s likely that we’ve already seen at least one of these in action.

The dutiful Archon of Mirroria, Lin herself is coming in this patch, along with her signature weapon, Shadoweave, and Lin’s Matrix. There will be a special offer for her if you’re looking to add her to your roster. All simulacra have the ability to use a specific element. Ruby can use fire. Her guardian, Lin, has a special distinction in that she has the alteration ability that lets her wield all elements. 

Also included, according to the patch notes, is “Strange spatial structure and ecology, as well as new powerful enemies, will bring Wanderers an exciting adventure experience” within this new Confounding Abyss map. Potentially also in the other map being added in the update. This one is called The Twilight Zone. As you explore the depths under Mirroria, there’s a third city to discover, and new enemies, changed by the mysterious forces down below. There’s also a new system called Appointed Research.

Level 30+ players will also get a new battle royale mode called Break from Destiny. This is a 48-player mode, and it will run during certain server hours. T

With such a big update, there are also events coming, along with a fireworks show in Mirroria, set to happen six times a day for three minutes. 

For more, read the notes over at Tower of Fantasy.


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