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Conan Exiles Will Revamp Attributes and Perks, With a More Flexible System and Support for Corruption

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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When it comes to the Age of Sorcery, there will be some big changes coming to Conan Exiles. With them coming update and the change over to ages for updates, the fun come team is also going to revamp this system for attributes and perks. there's a new developer blog detailing what their goals are and how it will work.

Attributes and perks have effects throughout the game for your character, and so they're not doing this revamp lightly. Their goals are to make changes, create some more balance, allow for the new additional systems, and to strengthen the overall progression system.

When it comes to progression, this might be the most important change. The old system of attributes will be replaced by new attributes: Strength, Agility, Vitality, Authority, Grit, and Expertise.These will have new effects. Vitality obviously will increase your HP, and Strength will increase your damage and  give you a little increase in your carrying capacity. The new cap for attribute points will be 60 and you can put up to 20 points in each attribute to max it or spread them out for a flexible build.  

After investing five points in an attribute, you will earn a new Perk. After investing 10 points and 20 points, you will be offered a choice between two perks. In addition to new attributes, the team will also add new perks, all in the name of Shoring up progression and introducing some more flexibility.

When it comes to Corruption, this will cast an appropriately dark shadow over the new systems. You can earn corrupted perks by corrupting your Strength, Vitality, and Authority if you want to veer into the realm of dark corrupted magic and power. These occur at the same rate of regular perks but with notable differences.

For a full look at the new systems and how they’ll work for both regular and Corrupted characters, head over to Conan Exiles.


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