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Conan Exiles Update 2.3 Will Bring NPC Camps to Isle of Siptah

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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NPC camps and more are coming to Conan Exiles as part of Update 2.3.

The changes and improvements are a result of player feedback who cited the lacking immersion and world-building brought about by things like NPC camps and settlements. To that end, the team has announced that “dozens” of NPC camps and settlements are coming to the game in 2.3. These camps will be controlled by three new factions on the Isle of Siptah. You can expect new activities, lore, and rewards.

The team notes that because of the addition of these camps and settlements, there may be some interference with player-settlements,

“However, this means that there is a chance that these new camps, geometry modifications and points of interest will interfere with player buildings put in place before the release of 2.3.”

They noted that they internally discussed these potential issues but decided on adding these NPC camps to create more immersion and world-building. 2.3 is expected to bring new server settings as well. You can read about what’s planned for the update here.


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