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Conan Exiles Tower of the Elephant Building Contest Winners Announced

Some very creative entries

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The winners of Conan Exile’s Tower of the Elephant building contest have been announced.

In total, there were five grand prize winners. As a reward, these winners will receive the Tower of the Elephant boardgame. There were also 10 runner-ups to the contest. The winners comprise of several video and screenshot posts from various players.

For example, one winner, going by Michael, showcased a cross section of a tower. You can catch a glimpse of this cross section in the image at the top of this post. As the team describes the submission,

“They created their tower so that it is authentic to the “Conan and the tower of the elephant” manual with its story by Greg Lynch. The tower is 46 metres high; each floor contains a part of the story such as the library, a basement for the armory, and guards.”

Other submissions include a vast tower with a dungeon in addition to a labyrinthian path winding its way to the top. Another grand prize winner was a player named Morpheanna who actually created a comic to illustrate their tower and story. It’s an incredibly creative way to frame the tower and entry.

You can check out all the grand prize winners and runner-ups here.


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