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Conan Exiles Sets Stream Reveal Next Week for Age of Sorcery: Chapter 3

Funcom will be moving onto a new arc after the third chapter

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Conan Exiles is getting a new reveal stream next week to show off what to expect from Age of Sorcery Chapter 3. 

In recent updates, including a 2022 year in review, the team at Funcom reflected on a year of big changes. With the release of Age of Sorcery and the many major changes that set Conan Exiles up for its future, there is still a major update to come before the team potentially begins seeding what’s to come down the line. 

The Conan Exiles devs will be going into way detail for all on a stream next week on February 20th at 11 AM EST/ 16:00 UTC. The announcement promises that the stream will be a first look into the new features coming in Age of Sorcery: Chapter 3. The changes already announced include regional pricing on Steam, but content details are on the way. Since this new chapter will end the current Age of Sorcery arc, there’s a lot to get right before this one goes out to all and the team begins preparing for much more content that will be released with the new update cadence that arrived with the initial Age of Sorcery update last fall.

Another issue that the team has been dealing with one and off has to do with stability. More recently, there was an issue for some that saw a fatal error popping up when they tried to launch the game following the most recent update. This lasted for several hours while the team worked to pinpoint the issue. After an investigation, the team found and resolved the initial cause of the crashes, but are working on a more permanent change to prevent more issues like this down the line.

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