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Conan Exiles Releases Partial Fix for Server Lists

Some known issues still linger

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Conan Exiles recently released a partial fix for the server list issue on PC, though there are still some issues.

The news was announced on Twitter earlier,

“A partial fix for the server list is out for PC. Servers should populate on the server browser screen, though, investigation is ongoing as there are some known issues still occurring. See here for more details. Thank you again for your continued patience.”

These known issues include:

  • Ping for several servers may appear as “???” and can’t be connected to
  • The “favorites” list is not working as intended
  • Last connection is no longer at the top of the list
  • Server browser list may take longer to populate than normal

This fix was prompted because the previous patch apparently made it impossible for players to find any official servers. Several players wrote in,

“When I launch the game, just as the main menu shows up, an announcement that says “Connecting to Funcom Live Services” appears. When I click on the “Play online” option, another one that says “Checking permissions” pops up; and then proceeds to the (now permanently empty) server list.”

The issue should hopefully be remedied at this point, but if you continue experiencing issues, be sure to contact the team.


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