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Conan Exiles Project Director Addresses Xbox Stability Issues

Fix in testing

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a recent forum post, Conan Exiles Project Director, Scott Junior, addressed the stability issues plaguing the Xbox versions of the game.

The issues were first acknowledged by the team in October which resulted in two issues including:

  • Out-of-memory (OOM) crashes started happening more frequently and happened over shorter play sessions than they did before the patch.
  • A pop-up error message started appearing that stated there was corrupt files and instructed players to reinstall.

Scott begins this most recent post by explaining that the team have continued to look into the crash reports via the logging they added to the game in December. As of right now, it looks like there’s a fix currently in testing with QA which, “shows some promising results.”

However, they’re going to continue to test that fix with the hopes of submitting a patch something this week. Scott also shared additional information regarding clients on the Xbox Series S and X writing,

“…we have started working on a version that will allow the Xbox Series S and X consoles to launch the client with a different device profile. This will allow the client to access the additional CPU, GPU, and memory that is available on the Series S and X.”


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