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Conan Exiles Players Seemingly Diving Into the Briny Deep in the Future

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Conan Exiles forum has a new post with a mysterious underwater screenshot that seems to foreshadow upcoming content that will include deep dives into the briny deep. According to the post, the new content will be heading to TestLive "sooner than you might expect". It will include new mechanics and content that devs are hoping to get player feedback on prior to releasing it to live servers.

The post further reveals the success of the free play weekend that was so well-received on PS4 that it caused log in issues on the official servers. As a result, a number of measures are being put into place while the team works on adding new servers.

Additionally, the post goes into some of what developers have been working on most recently including improving and strengthening the core mechanics of the game as well as bug fixing. Further, devs have been hard at work "improving the Purge System, AI, Thralls/Pets, Building and especially the Game Loops such as leveling curve, gear and things to do after you hit the cap". New content includes the Unnamed City, new world bosses, roaming mini-bosses and more.

Read the full update on the Conan Exiles forum.


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