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Conan Exiles PC Patch 2.1.3 Addresses Crafting

Plus AI and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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PC Patch 2.1.3 for Conan Exiles addresses several issues with crafting, while providing improvements elsewhere.

The crafting fixes focus on armor pieces, padding, legendary armor patch kits, and more:

  • Fixed an issue regarding delving some armor pieces in Delving Bench that did not give any scroll, weapon or armor schematics
  • Fixed the issue where paddings were still needed for repairing items
  • Fixed an issue regarding delving Pride Of Aesir Armor not providing Frost Giant armor recipe
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Armor Patch Kit was unavailable for crafting
  • Fixed an issue regarding Marksman’s Vest and Marksman’s Pants that did not provide statistics bonus

These crafting fixes arrive shortly after crafting was overhauled in the game recently. You can check out the details on the new crafting system here. The patch also focused on AI and thrall fixes, in addition to fixes for UI and text:

  • Fixed an issue where recipes provided by Thralls were not available in Crafting Benches if the feats were unlocked after Thrall was placed in the bench
  • Fixed a visual issue for Weak Aloe Extract Icon
  • Fixed the Dyer’s Bench model as it lacked collision and had stretched or misplaced textures


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