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Conan Exiles Outlines Changes to Steam Family Sharing on Official Servers

Plus info on Private Servers

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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if you’ve been enjoying Conan Exiles, you might want to pay attention to this most recent update regarding Steam Family Sharing settings.

Update 2.1, which is available in Testlive, introduces a new server settings which will control Steam Family Sharing on a dedicated official server. When Update 2.1 will actually go live, the team will disable the option to join PC Official Servers for accounts which access the game via Steam Family Sharing. This is to deter abusing this feature.

Any secondary accounts playing through Steam Family Sharing won’t be able to access official PC servers unless you own the game. The team cites the desire to avoid exploits and other gained advantages by abusing this system.

Private servers were also touched on. There will be a new server setting for private server admins who can now control the use of Family Shared accounts on your server. This setting will be available in the ServerSettings.ini file: AllowFamilySharedAccount=True/False.

You can learn more about these changes here.


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