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Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Releases Out of Early Access On May 27

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Isle of Siptah expansion for Conan Exiles has a date for its release out of Early Access. Additionally, the expansion will also release on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console, allowing subscribers of the respective services to receive the expansion as part of their subs.

As we previously reported, the Isle of Siptah expansion originally released into Early Access way back in September last year. Since then, it’s received several updates and patches. A Producer’s Letter from December even promised improvements to the expansion. However, we finally have a date for its official release.

When exactly can you expect to play Isle of Siptah out of Early Access? That would be May 27 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Additionally, Isle of Siptah will release on Xbox Game Pass on PC and Console, but a date for this was not announced just yet. This means that if you’re subscribed to this service on either platform, you’ll receive the latest Conan Exiles expansion as part of your subscription. Stay tuned for an exact date once we have it.

As for what’s changed since Early Access, the accompanying press release provides us some insight,

“The landmass has become bigger, the scenery more vivid and diverse – and a new religion has been added, allowing players to summon and control an avatar of the terrifying spider-god Zath. Zath, who has been added even to the base game, can rain throngs of spiders down on your enemies, and lay cities to waste with venomous projectiles.”

In fact, if you’re anxious for more details, be sure to tune into the Twitch Gaming Show at 11a PDT / 2p EDT which is going on right now at the time of publishing. For our Early Access impressions, check out our thoughts of Isle of Siptah here.


Poorna Shankar