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Conan Exiles 'Isle of Siptah' Expansion Out Today in Early Access

Rhino mounts.

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Hey, as a reminder, the latest Conan Exiles expansion called The Isle of Siptah is out today in Early Access on Steam.

You can create a new character on the island which, of course, is filled with all sorts of animals, creatures, monsters, and more. You can also tame four types of grey rhino. You can use them not only as pets, but also as mounts. They possess two different attacks, one attack for sprinting, and one while standing still.

You can also use your own weapons whilst sat on top of your rhino, including your spears and bows. Two new building sets are added. There’s a tier one flotsam building set which you can use with driftwood.

Additionally, there’s a tier three stormglass building set which is inspired from the various ancient ruins you can find scattered throughout the isle of Siptah. You can use these two different building sets to craft your own buildings and structures as you explore.

You can find additional details of the expansion here.


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