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Conan Exiles Hotfix Plugs Exploits

Plus other fixes and improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest hotfix for Conan Exiles is here, squashing some bugs and wiping out some eploits.

The fix also addresses some performance and stability items:

  • Fixed a number of client and server crashes
  • Fixed performance during fights with a high number of NPCs, especially during the storm

As for exploits? Well, you won’t be able to take advantage of these fixed exploits anymore:

  • Confiscated a Pym Particles shipment that was smuggled into the Isle of Siptah. #attackonexiles
  • Fixed a Maelstrom related exploit
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities

The hotfix also addresses AI and thrall fixes, balance updates, general bug fixes, terrain and environment fixes, and UI and text fixes. For example, some terrain fixes include:

  • Fixed some drastic and unintended light level changes in certain areas of the Isle of Siptah
  • Fixed the textures on certain glowing assets

The team also released their latest expansion, Isle of Siptah, into Early Access recently. If you’re wondering how it fares, be sure to check out our impressions as Red gives you his read of the content and what you should watch out for.


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