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Conan Exiles Friends List Continues to Receive Fixes

Plus more general fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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More fixes to the Friends List are here for Conan Exiles as part of the most recent patch.

The patch contains fixes for crashes, the friends list, in addition to invitations and healing wrap regen. Also, it looks like Avatars have been actually enabled. Performance and stability notes include,

  • Fixed a number of crashing issues.
  • Fixed case where “online play is restricted” warning message would show after leaving a listen server.

UI and text fixes were also included and encompass,

  • Localization to text in the Friend List added.
  • Fixes to friend invites where invitation would disappear during the game’s title. Also fixed an issue where invite would not be removed once accepting.

Finally, the team provides some more general bug fixes which include,

  • Healing Wraps will not longer break their gameplay effect on movement
  • Adjusted vertical land claim in certain areas that prevented NPCs from spawning.
  • Server ping will now refresh properly in the server browser.
  • The mute option functions once again.


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