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Conan Exiles Developer Stream Fields Questions on Siptah, Future Tools, More

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Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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A developer stream for Conan Exiles fielded several questions from the community across several topics, including the recently released Isle of Siptah expansion, and future plans.

A host of questions were asked regarding SIptah’s map. For example, some were wondering if it was possible to travel between Siptah and the Exile lands with your character. The team responded that this is something they’re working out. It was initially a feature they planned on implementing, but wasn’t ready. As expected, it requires a lot of testing.

Sticking with characters, the team is adding new ways for you to change your appearance. Basically, your hair and face can be changed, but this is currently being looked at. Regarding future content, sorcery is a feature the team want to bring into the game. It obviously didn’t happen for Siptah, but the want to do it correctly and have it fit with he lore.

Even though the team released Siptah, they don’t consider the Exile Lands “complete.” They’re focused on expanding their toolbox rather than more content for one map or the other. You can check out the full summary of the developer stream here.


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