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Conan Exiles Clarifies the Illusion System, Fixes Crashes and Exploits, and Makes Resurrected Dead Visible Again

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After the Age of Sorcery update came to Conan Exiles a month ago, Funcom has been busy tending to bugs and balance issues that needed fixing. Today, there’s a new patch that resolves some issues, makes raising the dead less transparent, and adjusts the new Illusion system for gear to make it clearer and more consistent.

Several important fixes come in this patch, including addressing multiple exploits that had to do with the crafting system, and some general crash issues. Some of the other glitches taken care of in the patch include the Delving Bench no longer giving random items instead of recipes, resurrected corpses no longer being invisible, and making sure items can be spawned and are correctly placed when using the Admin panel. If you remove the bracelet it no longer kills your followers, but if you remove the bracelet while you are in Creative Mode, it will kill you.

Another strange issue that has been addressed in this patch came when players were casting Darkness. When that happened, some players and NPCs would fall through buildings when this was done at high altitude. The patch notes note that “that is not the kind of dark result we were aiming for”. 

One of the practical changes comes to the Illusion system. They've changed the system so that they can clarify what will show when you try to use the system but you don't own either the base item or the item you're using for the Illusion. If you don't own the item that you are using to apply an Illusion, you can equip it but you won't see it in place. You only see the base version. If you do acquire the item later, it will show with the correct Illusion that you intended. 

Read the full patch notes over at Conan Exiles.


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